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01 December 2008 @ 01:11 pm
Learned much of this from viridian_icons

If you're using a basic account, you'll have to change to plus account to upload a custom theme. After you're done uploading you can go back to a basic account and still have the theme available to you.

There are two ways to upload a custom mood theme.

Using the Admin Console (less hassle)
» Upload all the images in the .zip file to your own domain or image host.
» Open up the admin console page.
» Type in: moodtheme_create "Title of Mood Theme" "Description" and then press 'execute'.
» Copy the number that is generated. This is the mood theme's ID number, take care not to lose it.
» In the .zip file you downloaded, open the adminconsole.txt file.
» In notepad, go to Edit->Replace and replace all instances of '000000' with the mood theme ID that was generated for you.
» Replace all instances of "http://YOURWEBSITE.com/" with the the path to the images that you uploaded. Be sure not to change the filenames, though! Each link should now be a direct link to your uploaded image.
» Copy and paste all contents of the edited adminconsole.txt file into the admin console and click 'execute'. If everything was fine, you'll be redirected to the finished page.
» Finally, in the customize page, there should be an option for mood themes under 'display options'. Use the drop down menu to select your new theme and save changes :D.

Using the Custom Mood Theme Editor (simpler)
» Upload all the images in the .zip file to your own domain or image host.
» Open the custom mood theme editor and create a new theme.
» Now paste the paths to each of the images you uploaded earlier into the appropriate space, making sure that the heights and widths of the images are correct. Save changes.
» Back at the custom mood theme editor page, find your newly uploaded mood theme and click 'use'. :D

Post questions or problems here, and remember that if you're using one of my mood themes, you need to credit loveisdelicious in your userinfo. ♥
29 June 2008 @ 04:44 pm
»[07] Tackey & Tsubasa
»[30] Super Junior

Will you promise me just one thing...Collapse )
23 March 2008 @ 11:34 pm
First time doing this from scratch! XD

Layout: Carrot & Sky
Accounts: Free & Paid (comments page coded)
Style: Flexible Squares
Best Viewed in: FF & IE

[Image Preview] [Live Preview]

Download: [MU] [MF]